TheFett’s guide for Malady

Malady is a magical character (PS if I say carry I am sorry, I feel there is a fine line between the roles in this game and is very interchangeable what role you take), with this in mind her skill are her base damage. She can feel like a support late game since she is squishy with my following build, so it is required to have good map awareness and ensure you don’t get three shot by the enemy team rook (there is always a rook when I play her lol).


I would take bounder as a pet, he gives extra move speed, a early game dash (which is useful for setting up kills), and his attack slow effect comes in useful since you will find any enemy magic characters will more than likely run late game vs this build.

Early Game:

Early game you will find there is always a lot of engagement, and that is good with the items you take. You should take a glacial gem and 1 “large pot” of both health and mana. With this in mind, get early points in your Q and W, I recommend maxing your Q over your W since your W’s duration is set and the longer they are in the tornado the more damage. You will want to lane with a tanky character or any character with a slow, with this in mind Ace is perfect. The others who are also good would be bastion and verm at this current stage.

Mid Game:

You hit level 6 (should try for in first 7-8 minutes for it to be effective) you can roam, this is where it is useful to have a tanky character at the tower, they can defend it and ensure it doesn’t go down for a prolonged peroid of time, but with this in mind you will want to gank your lane as well. I recommend using the first ultimate with your solo laner, they are the person with the most experience, if they aren’t getting kills, then there gold might be limited in comparison to the enemy, it really depends. This is why you picked up bounder as your pet as well, the dashes in to set up against the enemy come in useful, till you have your spring boots and even then I would always keep one for team fights to escape or re-engage.

Late Game:

One team should be dominating at this point, if you played a good enough roamer, you may personally be behind in terms of levels, but gold you should be ahead, which is why the build below was made. It makes the most of the gold you have so you can essentially do solo pick offs, with the damage and sustain you have (noted there isn’t a lot of sustain, I have items crafted for that). you want to dive over the wall at Krytos engage the enemy team there, they should be ready for your team running round but I can guarantee they will never be prepared for the over wall engagement. You get a good Q off on 3/4, you can nearly ensure that fight every time, Krytos is a easy pick up then and you can take generators (note plural, while roaming you should have at least all tier 1 towers down and hopefully some tier 2 hence why plural).


“You should take a and 1 of both health and mana”, as stated up above.

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– If you find yourself doing constant pick offs, which this hero is good for but maybe not having the damage to solo heroes.
– If you find yourself being in the middle of team fights, this item gives good slow allowing your team to position themself better but puts you in the middle of the fight.
– This item deals a tone of damage and is useful in team fights, it is normally carried by tanky characters but you will initiate a lot of fights, it is also extremely effective if you have a legendary upgrade on it.
– This item is good for pick offs but also means you can take one person out of the fight for some time, this is extremely useful and can ruin the enemies team fight if they engage you.
– Since you engage at the team objectives, you will want vision so it doesn’t die before you engage, seers eye will also make the enemy wary about what they do and might even make them back off a bit.


Malady skill set is made for good burst but keep damage going consistently throughout a fight.

With this in mind, I would skill her first, and second. I would jump between these skills, while maxing her whirlwind over the dark storm. Put points in her ultimate when you can, and don’t put points in her until you are proficient enough to use it effectively with her.