Shadows, Magic, and a tortus

Hi all, the following article is being wrote since I realised I never covered one of the first things before you decide which heroes you want to play. I am thanking MajestyDirtyBear for making me realise. So this first article will cover the initial three pets, or ‘the almighty three’ as I see them, since they give so much diversity in game play from a very early stage without grinding for the food to level them.


My personal choice has many ups and downs, from the very start as baby razer, you have a simple skill into the shadows (into the shadows) this skill will allow for the user to go invisible for 1.5 seconds. There is a lot you can do in 1.5 seconds, since your hero goes invisible all incoming attacks will automatically miss this can be useful to dodge even skills and items (for example Hexbane, pyrostaff etc), and note AoE effects still work on you. The first two upgrades into Razer Child are very fast in comparison to the rest, which shortens the cooldown of razer’s into the shadows, and adds carnivorous (Carnivorous), a skill that gives a form lifesteal effect (your next attack on a hero heals you for up to 64 health, 24 second cooldown) which is good for sustain in the laning phase. From this point I would say you have two choices, keep upgrading or look into new pets. When you come to the option of lifesteal vs attack speed in level 6,7, and 9, I recommend the lifesteal of vamperism (vamperism). Lifesteal pure form is very rare in the game, and attack speed is cheap in comparison, there are no basic items that gives lifesteal, but for 835 coins/gold you can get almost double the first upgrade of Savagery (Savagery).


Mystik is a very useful pet, he gives magic characters a real set up of burst with constant mana flow from his active ability and a passive dealing true damage. The skill with Mystik is the “mana flow” as I put it before, inspiration (Inspiration), at the start it gives 95 mana with a 3 minute cooldown, this is useful, on characters like ray and even bastion I find myself running out of mana a lot of the time. This skill falls off late game since that mana will only give you one more skill on a lot of heroes. His passive come level 3 gives you true damage, Dive Bomb (Dive Bomb), dive bomb allows for a lot of sustain early game and what I consider real damage with up to 64 pure damage every 24 seconds when a skill lands on a hero. Again you hit level 3 with this pet you have two options again if you picked this starter pet here in my view, upgrade or move on. If you upgrade, same as before I would take Magic Vamp over Magic damage. There are next to no items that give magic vamperism at this point, where as magic damage scales off power.


Tortus is a troll pet in my view, in earlier levels at least. His active ability, Rejuvenate (Rejuvenate), it heals the user 200 health over time with a 240 second cooldown. Now, this kind of active is useful for every character but there is a reason I referred to it as troll, if you are dived under tower, this ability will give you the potential to live the dive and possibly get a kill from the tower. So he’s hit level 3 and you have the option, but you also have yet another sustain ability, Harden (Harden), basically all harden does is give you a shield, early game the shield blocks nearly two attacks, on a hero like Bastion or Hale which can allow for substantial harassment in the early game giving you and your team an advantage except against someone else with sustain. Now where does this leave us, is it worth upgrading past level 3 in my view, and what skills I think you should take come level 6,7 and 9. The passives of more health or more mana regen are easy enough to cover in items, so in my view there is no point to continuing maxing this pet, unless you’re in a team and are doing an harassment based role in your team.

Thank you for reading, I will be releasing a new guide for Rook tomorrow, since he appears as the most popular of characters for people with Razer when they start out, guess it is a thing of the myst. Also if you have any questions feel free to comment here and on the reddit post, I will reply when I see them.