An Interview With StrifeHQ feat. Styxa

As this is my first post allow me to introduce myself. I am MajestyDB and I will be doing some content writing for StrifeHQ as well as potentially some podcasting/co-casting.

After playing a week or so with Styxa I recognized his ability to create a friendly environment on his Stream and he already plays a huge role in the Strife community. So I approached him for an interview to find out what he thinks about Strife so far.

Hello Styxa. Please introduce yourself!

My name is André, I am 23 year old and a full-time streamer and play games for a living.

What is your background in the MOBA genre? What teams have you played for?

Well it all started during 2006 when I came into the MOBA scene competitively with the game Wc3 Dota. We were contenders at Dreamhack winter 2006 and ended up coming 4th with the team Deadline.

After the event I stuck in the game without any success of becoming a pro player, but I kept on playing in pickup games with known players. In 2008 I found HoN and I loved it from the first sight never actually ended up fully Into a competitive player just won some local lans. In 2011 October I was intrigued by Dota 2 and me and my buddy Ninpou played it day and night until Dreamhack Winter 2011 where we actually competed and came 8th. And now I am a full time Strife player.

How often to play/practice?

8-10 hours per day.

What do you think about Strife in comparison to other MOBA’s you have played?

Strife for me is a new, fresh start and a new fresh game with new mechanics and metas. In comparison Strife is much more “beginner friendly” than the other MOBA. You get into the game much quicker and the game will evolve along with the players within the game allowing higher levels of play.

The game is really good already within these couple of weeks its been released to the public, I’ve been playing it nonstop and its really hard for me to say what could be more improved. The hero pool and the map are really well designed and I think the heroes are already pretty much balanced as the 14 heroes that it has right now.

Who is your favorite hero in Strife and why?

My favorite hero is Rook cause he’s a highly elusive hero that deals tons of damage and can be the “snowballer” of a game.

Where do you think the future lies with Strife in the competitive E-sports scene?

There will be a growing E-sport scene in this game. I’ve already seen a lot of teams being formed and I wish them all good luck and hope they stay in this game. This is going to be the next generation MOBA that everyone will lay their eyes on when it comes to tournaments.


That’s all we have time for today, but thank you for your time Styxa!

Thanks for having me, if you guys want to find out more about me checkout my socials:


Thank you guys for reading the interview. Expect more with other members of the Strife Community in the future.